Pascack Hills HS PFA Committees

Class Liaisons
Chair:   Chairs by Class Level Listed Below

Leverage the class SGA Student Advisor for their grade and the Faculty Advisor(s) to promote the class activities and enhance the fund raising opportunities.

9th Grade - Geri Litt (WCL) & Jen Petrosino (M)


10th Grade- Debbie Giammanco (M) & Jennifer Mandler (WCL)

11th Grade - Jill Sailer (M) & Kristan Saks (WCL)

12th Grade –Jodi Cohen (WCL) & Meredith Stewart (M)

Education / Curriculum Liaison
Chair:   Kristan Saks, Lee Ann Schwartz, Terry Winograd

The Liaison(s) works in conjunction with the PHHS Curriculum team to provide parental insight and PFA support on District academic initiatives, participating in district wide sessions. Examples of such discussions include but not limited to Core Curriculum, new testing and the Pascack Period.

Fashion Show featuring the Senior Class of 2024
Chair:   Rachel Diamond, Meredith Stewart

Organizes the PFA's largest fundraiser - The Annual Fashion Show. Invitations will be mailed to all Hills families in February. Hills Parents from all grades are welcome and encouraged to attend! If you need to get in touch with us regarding the Fashion Show please email:

Chair:   Michael Kerin

Chair:   Beth Fullam, committee: Elana Bibi, Melanie Ellman and Tara Hill

Plan, host and prepare distribution of refreshments or gifts at various PFA and PHHS events throughout the school year.

Marketing Communications
Chair:   Michelle Nadel

This chairperson promotes the activities and events taking place at PHHS and helps to build awareness of the PFA accomplishments and its support of the district. 

Membership / Directory
Chair:   Tara McCarty and Debbie Giammanco

Drive PFA membership throughout the school year and manage the release of the smartphone Paperless PTO Directory APP to members.


Membership Newsletter
Chair:   Michelle Nadel and Lisa Kerin

This Chairperson posts relevant, current and newsworthy content in the PFA's newsletter email to membership

Nominating Committee
Chair:   Lee Ann Schwartz and Terry Winograd

The Nominating Committee is formed in February and is comprised of Woodcliff Lake and Montvale PFA Members.  The team establishes the PFA Executive Board and Chair position roster for the upcoming school year.  Nominations are submitted and approved by members at the June PFA Meeting.  The PFA Board calendar year runs from July 1 to June 30.

PFA Liaison - Woodcliff Lake
Chair:   Jennifer Charnow

This chairperson keeps both the PHHS PFA and Woodcliff Lake lower schools informed of each other's activities.

PFA Meetings
Chair:   Lee Ann Schwartz and Terry Winograd

PFA General Meetings - All Hills Families Welcome to Attend

PHHS 2nd Floor Conference Room

September 13, 2021

November 15, 2021

January 10, 2022

March 14, 2022

June 6, 2022

PHHS PFA Parent Academy
Chair:   Jennifer Charnow

The PHHS PFA Parent Academy is an educational program designed for parents to address topics of importance related primarily to our students' social, educational, emotional or physical health, as well as other topics that can strengthen our sense of community. 

PFA Scholarships & Financial Need Grants
Chair:   Stephanie Huang and Geri Litt

This Chairperson(s) plans the annual Spring PFA Scholarship Fund Drive. The PFA funds over 10 Scholarships, awarded to senior students who demonstrate leadership qualities throughout their high school years and dedication to community service. Beginning with the Class of 2020, four year family PFA membership will be a required criteria for all PFA scholarship awards.

The PFA also awards financial need grants, which are based on separate criteria

PTO Liaison Montvale
Chair:   Laurie Frezza

This chairperson keeps the PHHS PFA and the Montvale PTO informed on each other's activities.

Safe Graduation
Chair:   Lisa Adler, Rachel Diamond, Melanie Ellman, Laurie Frezza, Bernadette Vesey

This committee is responsible for planning a safe, memorable and fun graduation event immediately following the June PHHS Senior Graduation Ceremony. Invitations are mailed to all senior families in May.

Senior Awards
Chair:   Hospitality and Junior Class Liaisions

Senior Awards Night is a PHHS special event, by invitation only, for senior students and their families. Seniors selected to receive an award and their families will be served hors d' oeuvres or lite fare before the PHHS Senior Awards Ceremony.

Senior Seminar
Chair:   Jodi Cohen and Lauren Cooper

PHHS seniors will attend Senior Seminar hosted by the PFA and the PHHS Guidance Office. This event features invited guests who will discuss life after high school. The Senior Class is dismissed from school at noon so they have plenty of time to prepare for the PHHS Senior Prom.

Ways and Means
Chair:   Kristan Saks

This chairperson(s) oversees all PHHS PFA fundraising projects, reports on the progress and leads the thought process to create new ways of generating revenue for the PFA and PHHS.

Chair:   Michelle Nadel and Lisa Kerin
These chairpersons are responsible for maintaining a relevant, current and exciting PFA website, ensuring all PFA committee's and PHHS organizations advertise their respective activities and provide appropriate content to support their initiatives.